Pamphlet and flat-back books

beginner bookbinding

In this  6 session or two day beginner bookbinding course you will learn the basic skills of bookbinding and be introduced to the tools and equipment required to make simple books. You will be taught how to select the appropriate materials and be shown ways to achieve perfectly square books and beautifully finished corners. On this introduction to bookbinding course you will make the following books:

♦ 3-hole single signature pamphlet binding with a board cover

♦ 5-hole single signature half-binding with sewn endpapers

♦ three-quarter binding with tipped on endpapers

♦ stub binding, useful for casing in thin pamphlets

♦ sewn multi-signature flat-back case binding.

The intermediate bookbinding course is an ideal follow on for this course. 

Cost: £90